RSA Scholars In the US Sets Up a Gofundme Page.

Rising Stars of Africa over the years have established itself as one of the key institutions in transforming the lives of young aspiring athletes on the continent of Africa through a well structured training and educational programmes.

The Academy has recently been hindered by the novel Covid-19 pandemic that has caused the operations of many establishments to stop following various Governments and the World Health Organisations directives.

This is not different at the Rising Stars Academy where many underprivileged children across the continent depend on for a better future.

For this reason, all our graduates in Colleges and High Schools in the US and Europe have decided to help raise funds to sustain the work we do in Ghana as the pandemic has hugely affected all aspects of operations.

We would like to encourage all stakeholders and supporters to join this campaign to help raise enough funds to help sustain the Programme.

Our Gofundme page is:

For cooperate sponsorship and other ways to help, please contact us at

Thank you and please continue to stay at home and save the lives of many unless absolutely necessary to go to work. Practice social distancing and wash your hands as often as possible.

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