Who We Are


Rising Stars of Africa Academy  is a Sports development charity whose vision is to offer coaching, education and financial support to talented young people in Ghana and ultimately to give them the chance to fulfill their sporting potential and to unify their local communities through sport.
Established about 3 years ago, our  main objectives of the academy is to give the platform to needy but talented children to explore their gifts and make a difference in the community they find themselves.

Gifted young athletes in Ghana and across Africa are more often than not given little or no opportunity to further their talent for sport in a secure and dedicated teaching environment. In a country where opportunities are scarce, sport can promote improved health, increased social participation and can help unify communities.

However, poverty and lack of education are relentless barriers for many young people in Ghana, and it is these obstacles that Rising Stars of Africa will strive to overcome in order to create sporting and educational opportunities for those individuals who may otherwise be limited by circumstance.