Our Charity solely relies on generous donations from our stakeholders and do not receive any subsidy from the Government. Your contribution matter to us and therefore encourage our volunteers or any interested person who shares the same passion to help change lives and promote our cause to start fundraising now.

The Organisation will not be able to succeed without the money to carry out the vision and the programmes we run. Great fundraisers aren’t born, they are made.
Please contact us about how you can become an ambassador today to help champion the cause. We have few great fundraising ideas to help start you to change lives and help our boys develop to the full potential in Sport and Education.

Your Fundraising can help in the following ways:
1. $10– Feed a child a day
2. $20– Provide Uniform and text books
3 $200– Provide sand for our building Project
4. $500– Enough brick to build one class room
5 $800– Pay for a flight ticket to the US on a scholarship

Contact us about Fundraising

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