Character Development


Founded upon the belief that sport is a unifying force that can be used to promote social cohesion and personal well-being, one of our core aims is to offer a supportive environment in which our young academy players to develop themselves both personally and as role models within the wider community.

This is partly achieved through fostering the direct benefits of sports coaching, with our dedicated training placing a particular emphasis on improved health and emotional well-being and enhanced life skills, including teamwork, leadership, decision-making, communication and confidence.

In addition, we have developed a regular series of extra-curricular sessions on critical personal, social and health issues, with a range of visiting guests engaging in activities focusing on topics such as HIV/AIDS awareness, cultural diversity and gender equality.

As the academy boys stay on a residential basis, our staff help to foster important life skills and instil values of respect, empathy and dedication in their daily lives and activities.

Furthermore, through competing in matches across West Africa and even offering some of the players the chance to travel overseas for trials they gain a unique opportunity to directly experience different cultures and practices, whereby they are encouraged to share the benefits of these experiences with their peers and wider community.

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