Joshua Bolma Ranked NO 1 Freshman in US College Soccer.

Former RSA Scholar and Ghanaian forward Joshua Bolma currently holds the position as the best young talent in US College football following his impressive performances for  his school in Maryland.

According to stats provided by TopdrawerSoccer, Bolma is ranked number one among the Freshmen. College Soccer Player Rankings – Freshman (

The former graduate from Rising Stars of Africa Academy in Ghana was awarded  a scholarship to further his education in the USA with the South Kent school in Connecticut.

We believe Education and Sport holds the key in providing leadership on the Continent of Africa and we strive in providing as many opportunities as possible to these young individuals to further develop their talent and provide a better pathway for them to succeed and have a brighter future.

Joshua excelled both academically and displayed exceptional talent throughout his time to further develop and continue his education at the Maryland University.

He is currently ranked No1 in the whole of the US and on path to pursue a career in playing at the top level.

His exceptional talent is currently being monitored by top club in Europe and in the MLS.

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