RSA Introduces Its First Girl Scholarship Programme In The US.

In many African countries, far more boys attend school and have access to better opportunities than girls. Many girls are also at a disadvantage in attaining quality education because of the patriarchal nature on the continent.

It is also common on the continent for women to occupy lower social status than men and are generally expected to work at home and be mothers.

Opportunities for Girls in developing countries are limited and for this reason, the Rising Stars of Africa has introduced its first Girl educational scholarship programme in the US with our first girl graduate Jessica Lomo to help bridge this gap and open the pathway for more aspiring girls to receive top class educational opportunities.

Jessica is an outstanding student and has exhibited great character and determination to succeed and excel in all aspects of life and we are pleased for her to join the Indian Mountain School in Connecticut.

For more information about our Girl Educational Programme and sponsorships, please contact us at

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